Trenchless Technology


SaniTube® is a super resistant fabric hose with a special inner and outer thermoplastic, which is reconnected to the existing pipeline using cast iron or steel flange coupling PN 16.

After cleaning the pipe, the liner is folded and reconnected to the existing systems using cast iron or steel coulping. Finally, the liner is expanded using compressed air and a final pressure test is conducted - thereafter the liner will remain completly stand-alone.

Application Areas

  • Minimization of down times and traffic obstruction due to fast rehabilitation of extremely long installation lenghts of up 700 m including bends of up to 45°
  • Extremely cost efficient installation process
  • Low civil engineering works, reduced cleaning requirements for host pipe
  • Limited logistic costs
  • Improved network efficiency through enhanced conductibility (e.g. K value)
  • guaranteed lifetime of 50 years
  • 100% chemical-free installation process (no adhesives, resins such as epoxy, etc.)

Burst Pressure Chart

Diameter mm (inch) Wall thickness (mm) Weight (g/m) Burst pressure (bar)
DN 75 (3") 3.0 780 54
DN 100 (4") 2.6 700 40
DN 150 (6") 2.9 1.200 34
DN 300 (12") 3.5 2.500 31