Trenchless Technology


Trenchless pipe renewal with a new, statically stable PE pipe system

Close-fit-lining with PE folded pipes

The egeliner® is a polyethylene pipe that is specially thermomechanically deformed respectively folded during manufacture. The maximum length of pipe reeled on coils is determined by the diameter of the pipe. The reduction in the diameter means that the new pipe can easily be inserted into the old pipe using a winch. The recovery of the pipe is achieved by heating it with steam, which activates the memory effect of the PE pipe, returning it to its original, round shape. The new pipe will then lay close-fit to the old pipe, as an independent, statically stable pipe.

Source: Egeplast GmbH

Fields of application

  • Trenchless renewal of drinkingwater, industrie and wastewater pipelines
  • For old pipes made from any kind of material
  • Dimension range DN 100 to 432 mm
  • Pressure stages: water PN 10
  • Pipe insertion through excavation pits or existing manholes
  • Small amount of space required for the building site
  • Minimal traffic disturbance in urban areas.
  • Lowest costs due to short rehabilitation periods and limited civil engineering work
  • Statically stable pipe system
  • Low loss of cross-section
  • Best hydraulic properties, high flow capacities
  • Reliable connection technology due to proven systems
  • Verified long-term performance of at least 50 years
  • Low environmental impact



Wall thickness[mm]
SDR 17*
Rehabilitation range [mm]
100 5,9 97-102
125 7,4 121-127
145 8,6 140,147
150 8,9 145-152
200 11,8 194-204
250 14,8 241-253
285 16,7 279-290
300 17,7 289-303
350 20,6 340-357
400 23,6 385-404
432 25,5 426-432