Pipe monitoring/SCADA

Pipe monitoring/SCADA

Information from the sensors is sent to a series of PLCs, which then send that information to computers with SCADA software.

SCADA software analyzes and displays the data in order to help operators to monitor the desired information to keep the pipelines intact.

Temperature fluctuation will give information if a pinhole is forming and even if this pinhole is located on the opposite site of the pipe the base temperature of the isolation will change and warning instantly gives operators time to react.

This will result in significant savings of time and money compared to traditional feet on the ground monitoring or even drone inspection of remote locations.

SCADA systems allow real-time data from the pipeline to be accessed from anywhere in the world. ScanTECH offers software that can monitor intrusion, so if a 3rd party damages the pipes an alarm will be triggered. Sensitivity can be adjusted so that some warnings will not be issued if parameters are defined e.g. harvesting season or similar.

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