ScanTECH offers our expertise with different plastic types.

As we have close contact with the different producers of the material used for trenchless techniques and traditional pipes we are on the tip of future development and have a proven track record when it comes to working on site with different types of plastic as well.

Plastics have solved the corrosion and leakage problems of traditional iron and steel pipes whatever the ground conditions. Above all the durability of these systems has given them a track record of trouble free service second to none. The flexibility of PE pipe allows it to be coiled and supplied in long lengths, avoiding frequent joints. A polyethylene system has an inherent resistance to the effects of ground movement from temperature fluctuation or instability because of the end load resistant fusion welded jointing systems mostly employed. Clearly an advantage for pipe buried in mining areas, recently filled or reclaimed ground, or in winter when frost results in greater ground movement.

Compared with traditional materials high levels of strain can be safely tolerated since the associated initial stresses in the pipe wall will relax and redistribute as the ground- pipe system becomes increasingly stable while settlement and compaction takes place.

The material used for renovation by insertion as a lining into old leaking pipelines or installation of PE pipe following ‘bursting’ of the corroded host pipe, offering further cost saving.

Plastics are color coded to enable the application of the pipe to be identified. Typically yellow or orange for gas, blue for drinking water, brown for wastewater and black for oil. The low friction of PE pipes give an increased flow rate and are not subject to scale build-up thanks to the smooth inner surface. The material is biologically inert and is not subject to rodent attack.

No protective layers, finishing processes or cathodic protection are required, thus avoiding additional expense and further potential risk of failure due to damage prior or during installation.

Plastics pipeline systems have been developed as integrated pipe and fitting systems. They have a track record of high reliability over a period now approaching 50 years.

There is no cost penalty in obtaining these advantages, the PE system is cost effective with a long maintenance free lifetime and low whole life costs. To summarise the principal advantages of the polyethylene system are:


  • No corrosion.
  • Leakfree fusion jointing systems, resistant to full end load and ground movement, avoiding the use of mechanical fittings with elastomeric seals
  • Lightweight and resistant to site handling
  • Improved hydraulic capacity from low friction bore, not subject to scale build-up
  • Coiling in long lengths to reduce joint frequency
  • Low cost traceability systems can be used to provide installation records
  • Track record of reliability and durability in service
  • Cost effective long maintenance free lifetime.