Trenchless Technology


A high-pressure pipe made from Polyethylene only for trench installation – HexelOne® high-pressure pipe with 3 functional layers.

The new egeplast HexelOne®-Pipe is a self-reinforced pipe, a polyethylene monocomposite made from Polyethylene only. New applications are those in the “raised pressure“ range, i.e. operating pressures above those in the applications served by PE pipes up to now. It has double the strength of the polyethylene pipes used up to now. A “high-pressure“ version for up to 70 bar was tested successfully in the first component tests also. The egeplast HexelOne® Raised Pressure system has now been certified as a complete system by the TÜV SÜD for use where there are increased operating pressures.

Doubled Load Capacity: HexelOne® Raised Pressure

In case of standard PE pressure pipes the long-term hydrostatic strength of the material, e.g. PE 100, is the decisive dimensioning parameter that is used to determine the respective operating pressures. For a pipe in SDR 11 the maximum operating pressure is 16 bar for drinking water (safety factor C=1,25 / 20°C) and 10 bar for gas pipelines (safety factor C=2,0 / 20°C). The HexelOne® pipes have around double the resistance to internal pressure compared to conventional PE 100 pipes from the SDR 11 pipe range.

For trenchless installation– HexelOne® SLM

In addition to open trench installation with and without sand bed, the HexelOne® pipe with additional protective polypropylene sheathing can also be installed using the trenchless technique. In this variation, the pipes are supplied with transparent outer sheathing, with silver HexelOne® pipe and coloured stripes on the core pipe as media identification. A scannable barcode can be applied as option. Pipe surface as well as lettering and (optional) barcode are reliably protected by the transparent sheathing layer.

HexelOne® high pressure pipes are also available with immediate effect with:

  • diffusion barrier layers (SLA®)
  • conductive strips for position finding (DCT®)
  • additional layers for leak detection (3L®)

Application fields

Rehabilitation of high-pressure pipelines

New installation of high-pressure pipelines

Snow cannons in the mountains

Industrial applications, e.g. onshore- or brine pipelines

System techniques

egeplast offers numerous moulded fittings such as bends, tees and material adapters. Own production makes it possible to create fast and efficient system solutions and to make these available to you as required. You therefore receive everything you need for the ideal execution of your projects from a single source.
You can find a comprehensive overview of our moulded fittings range on our pages for moulded fittings and joining techniques for HexelOne® raised pressure pipes.

HexelOne® 90° tee

HexelOne® 90° tee

HexelOne® 90° tee