Health, Safety and Environment Policy

ScanTECH International is committed to conducting our business in a responsible, efficient and sustainable manner to the satisfaction of its stakeholders, clients, employees and surrounding community.

In all our activities and services, we strive for the protection of people and assets as well as prevention of harm and adverse environmental impacts. We aim to continually improve our work environment, promote well-being and focus on prevention of occupational ill health.

To achieve this, we will:

  • ● Promote and sustain a sound, participative HSE culture
  • ● Provide leadership and discretions for line management to implement this policy
  • ● Integrate HSE aspects and minimise health, safety and environmental risk in our activities
  • ● Comply with all statutory laws, regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes concerning Health, safety and the environment.
  • ● Positively influencing key stakeholders, especially clients, suppliers, temporary employees to commit and work according to this policy
  • ● Care for the environment through efficient energy management, minimization of waste, ecofriendly routines
  • ● Maintain safe and healthy work conditions
  • ● Improve HSE performance continually through sharing knowledge and implementation of lessons learnt
This policy statement is an integrated part of ScanTECH International HSE Management System.

Anders Østerballe
Chairman of the Board, CEO
1st June, 2016

HSE Management System

Development Support

  • Preface
  • Philosophy
  • Business Thinking – HSE Drivers
  • Overview
  • ScanTech Expectation – HSE Policy
  • HSE Management Manual
  • Associated HSE Documents
  • Abbreviations
  • Overview of ScanTech International (STI) HSE Management System Framework.
  • The HSE Management System Framework is designed to meet the requirements of International standards for Health, Safety and Environment - SO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Our HSE Strategy is designed to support our overall business objectives.
  • Our HSE Management System will be updated as the business develops and grows taking into consideration our need to manage risk to people, society, environment and property.
  • There are elements of the system (i.e. procedures, guidelines, forms etc.) yet to be developed – these associated documents will be developed as the business needs dictates.
  • STI philosophy is to adopt a “process” and “risk” based approach to HSE Management.
  • HSE Time, Costs and Resources needs to be planned into every project including during tender submission - e.g. but not limited to PPE, HSE briefing and safety training for project team members, HSE personnel.
  • Learning and improving beyond compliance.
  • Business strategy . Social responsibility

  • Company image, reputation, policies
  • Business values, ethics, philosophy
  • Finance

  • Loss prevention strategies
  • Minimised business disruptions
  • Product / liability, legal liability
  • Decisions on risk retention or transfer, insurance
  • Investment decisions on partnership / acquisitions
  • Human resources. Recruitment

  • Recruitment, retaining, drugs and alcohol policies
  • Training, development, learning
  • HSE culture promotion and development
  • Job structuring (participation & involvement)
  • Marketing and Sales

  • Specification of product- Service HSE standards;
  • Legal and international requirements
  • National/International standards
  • Communication
  • Operating policy

  • Projects and maintenance of plant, equipment
  • Security policies
  • Contracting and tendering policies
  • Appropriate risk management strategies
  • Partnership and alliance
  • Information management and systems

  • Selection and use of appropriate KPIs
  • Collection and analysis of essential HSE data
  • Leadership
  • HSE Management
  • Prevention of Harm
  • Promoting wellbeing
  • Health, safe working conditions
  • Compliance
  • Learning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership

  • Personal behaviour
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Organisation

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Competency development/management
  • Communication

  • Process
  • Knowledge Management
  • Risk Management

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Change management
  • Service Realisation

  • Plant / equipment / material management
  • 3rd party collaboration

  • Client requirements
  • Performance Improvement
  • Incident investigation
  • Audits and KPIs
  • Management Reviews
  • Document Number Title Status
    HSE-STI-Q-GDL-0008 HSE Statistics and Reporting guideline To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-MAN-0001 HSE Mangement Manual Done
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0001 HSE Policy Statement Done
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0002 Drugs and alcohol To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0005 Safe Work Practices Guideline To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0006 Project HSE To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0007 Construction Management To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0008 Client Satisfaction and Communication To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0009 Office Purchasing To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0010 Vender and sub-contractor selection To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0011 Management of Sub-Contractors To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0012 Control of Internal HSE Documents To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0013 Control of External HSE Documents To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0014 Incident Investigation and Reporting To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0015 Management Review To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0016 Auditing To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0017 Continuous Improvement To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0018 Employee Competence Awareness and Training To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0019 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0020 Records To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0021 Management of Change To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0026 Responsible Environmental Practices Guideline To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-POL-0030 Identification and Evaluation of Applicable Legislation and Other Requirements To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-PRO-020 Records To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-PRO-025 Project Close-out To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-PRO-029 Project Administration To be developed
    HSE-STI-Q-PRO-0012 HSE Legislation Register To be developed
    TBC Document Control and Correspondence Procedure To be developed
    Abbreviation Description
    GDL Guidelines
    HSE Health Safety & Environment
    MAN Manual
    POL Policy
    PRO Procedure
    Q Quality
    REG Regulation