Team leader

ScanTECH team leader

A ScanTECH team leader is a person who provides guidance, instructions, direction and leadership to a group of other individuals for the purpose of achieving a key result.

The team leader reports to a project manager and he monitors the quantitative and qualitative result that is to be achieved. ScanTECH team leaders work within the team, as a member, carrying out the same roles but with additional responsibilities.

One of the key elements for success for any team is to also motivate the team to "use their knowledge and skills to achieve the shared goals." When a team leader motivates a team, group members can function in a successful and goal oriented manner.

A ScanTECH team leader have full back-up from head office to take decisions on site and have the power to make decisions regarding equipment, personal and future investments in cooperation with the Project Manager.

The generated experience that any team member collects are evaluated and kept by the team leader and an experience exchange is conducted both during but also after a project is executed.

Any abnormalities are recorded and kept for future learning. We never fail – we learn from our mistakes and get more experienced and better prepared for the future.

An experienced team leader is the first line of defense for making costly mistakes on site and we also are interested in “renting out” our team leaders on a daily- or weekly rate.

More information is available on request.