Rainwater drain

Patented danish design

Locally collecting the rainwater and returning it to the plants

Rainwater drain - water

Rainwater drain

Locally collecting the rain water and returning it to nature.

All rain that falls on the roofs, streets, paved areas and its like, will eventually cause a problem if not returned to the earth again. It is the circle of water.

Returning the water to mother earth will help locally WWTP to better cope with the increasing level of wastewater and also feed the trees and return the water back to the ground for later retrieving and at the same time it will start a purification process that cleans the water.


  • Cover is easy to open for inspection and cleaning.
  • Custom logo or company logo is possible.
  • Standard corrugated pipe.
  • Bottom part designed to suit your needs.

Designed for fast installation

Our planter drains are essentially produced in easy to install flexible packages that can be adjusted on site with only a saw.

The corrugated pipes are standard PVC pipes, cut on site in lenghts that fits the environment.

Workers wil lbe able to install a planter drain within half an hour.

This will reduce the production time by a huge factor compared to traditionally masonry planters which need drying time.

ECO Friendly

Ready for installation

Our ready to use set of planter drains - A complete set of 3 poly prolene pieces - 2 rubber gaskets - a tub of lubrication for gasket installation, a manhole key and a length of corrugated pipe that is easily adjusted on site with a hand saw.

The cover is tested to a punctual load of 100 kg.

The cover can easily be opened for cleaning purpose and inspections with the manhole key.

Dimensions for the bottom part is DN400 - Corrugated pipe is DN355 - inlets are naturally also possible.