NO-DIG Method

NO-DIG Method

There are many disciplines and variations within this vast area of smart installation of a pipe inside a host pipe or with a boring machine that will pull in a pipe or upgrade a bigger pipe inside a smaller host pipe – all of this is commonly referred to as Trenchless Technology.

ScanTECH has experience in some - not all - and we will focus on only the ones that we have 100% knowledge about.

Our main focus is within the installation of plastic pipes and pressure hoses that are pulled inside with a winch and in some cases also installed with pressurized air.

ScanTECHs team of experienced operators have installed 100´s of kilometers of factory prefolded pipes with winches and also re-rounded on locations around the world with different types of boiler equipment. We have installed within the gas, sewer and potable water segment in both Asia and Europe.

We are certified installers of Compact Pipe, Egeliner and Primus Liner.

We also have a vast experience in installation of CIPP pipes (Cured In Place Pipes) this is however not our main focus for installation but we can direct to companies that have this discipline as their main area of expertise.

Our CIPP experience includes LED- UV-, Steam- and water -curing and knowledge with adding different materials such as glass reinforcement, different fibers or mixtures with bentonite for added strength.

Let us take a look at your challenges and we can surely give a solution or direct you in the right direction.

More information is available on request.