Drum trailer

Factory folded pipes are supplied on drums

Our equipment is kept in a good working condition and every installation job is performed with a drum trailer that is designed for the job and strong enough to hold and unwind the pipes in a safe manner.

The image shows a drum trailer designed for installation of factory folded pipes – e.g. EgeLiner.


Both coiled pipes and hoses on drums are inserted directly into the host pipe using a winch.

The pulling forces must be controlled in order to avoid damage to the pipes or hoses and in a perfect world it is also automatically recorded.

ScanTECH uses different types to suit the local situation and availability.

Steam generator

A steam generator provides the steam required for the reversion process of the factory folded pipes.

A steam generator is also referred to as a boiler.
Both steam and compressed air are required in the reversion process.

Pressure control valves regulate the controlled dissipation of steam and air during the reversion process.

A fully independent unit will be brought on site.

We prefer using steam units from our Danish Technology partner IK Trading ApS

Further details available on request.

Data memory (telemetry)

During the steaming processes of factory folded pipes the pressure and the temperature are continuously monitored controlled and recorded.
A Full report will be handed over during the documentation phase and full traceability and record are kept for future evaluation.


Butt fusion welding machines are needed in many operations related to PE pipes. The heating plate must cover the entire surface and must not have a central bore for the folded pipes.

For standard pipes this is not a demand here we can use any welding machine as long as they have a logging system and a bar code reader. ScanTECH has a wide range of machines available from DN100 – DN1200mm bigger machines will be supplied as needed based on site conditions and availability.

Our Welding operators hold relevant certificates and can butt well pressure pipes and naturally also non-pressure pipes according to international specifications.

PUR Unit

A ScanTECH PUR unit - is a high pressure mobile unit – self supported and effective. The ScanTECH unit comprises of different elements The PUR machine itself mixes the ingredients and inserts a precisely calculated volume according to EN253 or other specifications or requirements that is specified before work commences.

The Unit is built at the Danish producer IK Trading ApS according to ScanTECH specifications.

More information is available upon request.